Pedo Meets Boy

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Note and Warning: This story's contents are not my usual fare of
writing (pedo-gay) so this is my first foray into this genre. I wrote
this story for a very dear friend and now I'm sharing it with anyone
else so inclined towards this topic. Please be advised that the subject
matter is rated "extreme pedo" and involves an adult male and a
3-year-old boy. Also note that no harm or force or violence or peril
comes to the boy. It is fantasy, and nothing more. Thank you. For
those who wish to read the rest of the story (pedo-hetero) you can do so
at either A.S,S, or A.S.S.M. And now, on with the tale...

"Brian's Desires Fulfilled"

a story by kids_at_play

(Mb, extreme pedo, mast, oral, cum)

Brian stretched out on the chaise lounge and sighed deeply. It had
been a long day and he was exhausted. Now what he needed was a little
downtime. A little relaxation. A little "me" time.

This side of the rustic pool was empty. No one else was nearby and
Brian liked it that way. He didn't wish to talk to anyone that evening.
He just wanted to lie there in the last rays of the setting sun and

He stretched his long legs and gazed out over the laughable thing
the motel had called a "pool". It seemed to have been added as an
afterthought, as if the owners/operators decided that they''d
appreciably get more business if they installed a pool.

At least they had the decency to install an in-ground pool, Brian
thought to himself as he stretched his weary muscles. But that's about
as far as their decency went. The pool itself was nothing more than a
hastily-dug hole in the ground and filled in with a cheaply-installed
granite surround-wall and an equally-cheap porous material which was
somewhere between tarp and canvas covering the granite.

The pool was only about four feet deep and about 25 square feet. A
drainage ditch had been dug shallowly and led from the pool's pump
system, which was ostensibly displayed, to the drain at the back of the

All in all, a pretty shabby set-up. But Brian wasn't complaining in
the least. He wasn't going in the pool. He just wanted to lie there in
his swim trunks and bask in the sun. And that sun felt great on his bare
chest, arms and legs. All he wore were his swimming trunks, black with a
red border. They were loose and fit him snugly without binding him.

Brian looked around the other side of the pool and noticed that
whoever had been there when he had come out of his room to lie down on
the chaise lounge were now no longer there. He was alone. He closed his
eyes and allowed himself to relax. Completely.

The padding of small feet woke him from his reverie. Actually,
several small feet. When he opened his eyes he saw that it was a dog. A
four-legged dog. A wiry, skinny brown dog, sniffing along the ground
right in front of his chaise lounge. It didn't seem dangerous so Brian
just lay still. Just in case.

Seconds later a small boy appeared behind the dog. The dog looked
back at the boy as if to say "hey, keep up!" and then continued on his
way, nose to the ground. Brian looked at the boy and smiled. The boy had
to be maybe 2 and a half, at the most 3 years old only. A toddler. And
cute as all get out. This little toddler sparked interest in Brian.

The boy looked at Brian as he walked past the chaise lounge and
smiled a wide smile at him. Brian returned the smile. And studied the
tot's features and body.

The boy had a round face, chubby and adorable. He sported a bowl
cut on his head of brown hair. He was wearing a white t-shirt with
Mickey Mouse on the front, a pair of long blue pants, they looked like
track pants, and blue sneakers. Brian fell instantly in love with him.

The boy walked by Brian and went after his dog. Brian watched him
go. The toddler's chubby belly stuck out over his crotch and Brian
secretly liked what he saw. The boy moved on a little ways, but still
within Brian's sight. He stopped at the drainage ditch and looked at the

Brian looked around to see if maybe his parents were nearby because
it was dangerous for such a young one to be near the open pool, even if
it was only four feet deep. But he saw no one else nearby. The boy must
have come from one of the units at the motel. Brian was ready to jump up
in a second should the little toddler get too close to the pool. He
would save him from disaster.

But the pool seemed to hold no interest to the small chubby boy.
Instead, he seemed to be fascinated with the drainage ditch. He sat down
on his haunches and looked down into the little rivulet of water that
flowed from the pump to the drain of the motel. Water was constanty
moving down the drainage ditch towards the drain. The dog came over and
sniffed at the ditch and not finding anything of interest moved on.

As Brian watched, the boy stood up and began doing a little up and
down dance. The boy looked around hesitantly and then began pressing his
hands into his crotch while still doing the little hopping dance. Brian
recognized the telltale signs of a little boy needing to go potty.

The boy seemed to be old enough to be out of diapers so Brian
figured that the little toddler would just run back to his unit and tell
his mommy or daddy that he had to go potty. But the boy just stood there
dancing up and down and holding his crotch.

The boy looked around again and seeing no one else but Brian he
moved closer to the drainage ditch. As Brian watched, the little toddler
pulled up his white Mickey Mouse t-shirt and held it about halfway up
his little chubby toddler body. Brian could now see the boy's chubby
belly. It was so cute. Then, the boy pushed down his blue track pants to
his ankles, revealing a pair of blue little boy underwear. They were
briefs and were form-fitting. Brian could see the shape and outline of
his little toddler penis and balls.

Then, the boy shucked down his underwear, and they rolled down
inside-out and stuck around his mid-thighs. Brian stared hard at the
toddler boy's exposed genitals. The boy's penis was about an inch and a
half long. It hung down directly from the bottom of his chubby pubic
pad, a triangular-shaped fleshy pad of skin that held his tiny penis.
The boy's penis was circumsized, meaning that Brian could see the pink
domed head of the little tyke's penis poking slightly through the
enveloping flesh of his penis tip.

Holding his t-shirt up with his one hand and using his other hand
for balance the toddler began to pee. Only his pee was hitting his
underpants and not going into the drainage ditch. Maybe nobody had
shown him how to aim his penis when peeing or maybe he just didn't have
all the hands needed. He started to pee, then stopped his stream, peed
again, got some more on his underpants, then stopped again.

Brian heard the little brown-haired toddler say, "Help, please!"
and he immediately sprang from his chaise lounge and rushed over to the
boy. "Having a bit of trouble, are we?" he asked the tyke. The little
cutie shook his head yes. "Need some help in aiming?" Brian asked. Again
the boy nodded yes.

Brian looked around but still saw no one in the area so he knelt
down behind the boy and reached a hand around the front of him and
lightly grasped the boy's penis in between his thumb and forefinger.

Brian couldn't believe what he was doing! All his life he wanted to
be able to play with a little toddler or baby boy and touch them and
stroke them and now here he was doing just that! Well, he was actually
helping the little boy to pee but at least he was getting to feel a
toddler boy's smooth, hairless, soft penis for the first time ever.

Brian picked up the boy's limp penis and aimed it down at the
drainage ditch. "Okay, my boy, let loose the flow!" And Brian watched as
the boy began to pee once more, and he could actually feel the boy's pee
flowing through the small soft tube in his fingers. Brian looked down at
the boy's exposed belly, noting how it bowed out almost obscuring the
tyke's entire groin area.

When the boy was done peeing, Brian instructed him on what to do
next. "Now, me boy, you have to shake it off so no drops remain." And
Brian gently shook the toddler's soft penis and both boy and man watched
as tiny drops flew off the tiny exposed head. When that was done, Brian
held onto the boy's limp penis. He didn't want to let it go just yet. He
wanted to explore it. But would the little tyke let him?

Brian tested the waters. He squeezed the limp finger of flesh
gently. The boy stood looking down at what Brian was doing to him but
otherwise made no move to stop him or cry out. Brian grew bolder. He
used his thumb and forefinger to softly massage the toddler's penis
along its short length. Softly, back and forth, the pads of his fingers
sliding the smooth skin along the boy's tube.

The boy watched as suddenly his pee-pee began to grow. It stiffened
slightly, and Brian could feel the hardness coming on from his fingers
rubbing the boy's penis. The boy grunted somewhat and thrust his hips
forwards. "Oh, you like that, do you?" he asked the boy, who just nodded
yes. "Want me to play with it some more for you?" Brian asked the
3-year-old. Again the toddler's head nodded yes.

Brian moved his thumb and forefinger back and forth along the
toddler's tiny erection. Hard, it measured almost 2 inches! The pink
domed head peeked out from the tube of flesh surrounding it, almost
looking like a tube of lipstick. The boy kept looking down as Brian
rubbed his little hard pee-pee. It felt so good inside his toddler body.
He didn't know why but it just did.

Brian then let go of the boy's erection. He looked down at it over
the boy's shoulder and it jutted straight out from his crotch. It looked
so cute. The boy looked up at Brian as if to say "hey, why'd you stop
making all those good feelings in me?" and Brian just said, "Let's go
over to my chair and we can have more fun, okay?" The boy nodded yes and
he picked the toddler boy up underneath his arms and carried him over to
the chaise lounge. Brian sat down on the end of the chaise and stood the
boy in front of him.

Brian looked around once more and still no one was around. The dog
had disappeared for parts unknown. Brian was going to have his fun and
there was no stopping it now.

"Here, stand up on here," he told the boy, and he lifted him up
onto the chaise lounge between his legs. The boy's erection was still
sticking straight out from his chubby body. His pants and underwear were
still down around his legs. The boy still held his white t-shirt up,
exposng his belly. Brian buried his face in the toddler's belly, blowing
into it and making a noise. The toddler giggled, and he licked the boy's
belly button. The boy went quiet then as Brian moved his face down to
the toddler's crotch. He blew air gently onto the tip of the boy's hard
penis. Then he gave it a little kiss right on the tip. The boy giggled.
That felt good. Different, but good.

Brian could hold back no longer. He enveloped the boy's penis in
his mouth. The toddler jumped, surprised at the contact, but when he
felt something warm and wet start licking his pee-pee he stood still and
let the good feelings wash over him.

Brian's tongue bathed the toddler's small erection all over. From
the tip to the bottom. The 2-inch projection didn't even touch the back
of Brian's throat. While he sucked on the tot's penis, he gently played
with the toddler's tight ball sack. They were still undescended, drawn
up tight into his groin, and Brian treated them gently.

He reached behind the tyke and cupped the boy's fleshy ass cheeks
in his hands. He squeezed them and massaged them as he continued sucking
on the little 3-year-old's erect penis.

Brian's own penis was painfully erect inside his swim trunks. He
wanted to show it to this little toddler boy. He had to. Maybe he could
get the boy to touch him there. Maybe rub his hard penis. He had to try.

Brian took his mouth off of the boy's erection. The boy looked down
into Brian's face. "It's okay, my boy, we'll get back to the fun in a
minute." He lifted the tyke back down onto the ground standing him in
front of the chaise lounge again. He spread his own legs and thrust
out his crotch towards the little toddler. The boy looked at Brian's
swim trunks and could see a large lump poking out underneath. He looked
down at his own little erection and then pointed at Brian's swim trunks.
"That's right," he said, "I have a hard one, too. Wanna see it?" The
toddler boy nodded yes, smiling.

Brian lifted up and pulled his swim trunks out from under his butt
and down around his knees. He sat there on the end of the chaise lounge
with his adult erection pointing straight up in his lap. Seven inches of
hard, throbbing meat. Displayed to this little 3-year-old cute chubby
boy, his own little 2-inch erection poking out in front of him.

"There you go, cutie pie, look at Uncle Brian's cock. Yeah, that's
my cock," he said. "Here, why don't you play with mine now like I played
with yours, okay?"

The boy moved in closer to Brian and reached out one of his small chubby
hands. He touched Brian's thick piece of meat and watched as it swayed
in his lap. "Oh, yeah, my boy, my little toddler boy, that felt good. Do
it some more!" The boy reached out his hand again and this time tried to
wrap his little fist around the stiff pole. But it was just too big for
his little hand. "Give me your other hand," Brian told the cute little

Brian took the boy's other hand and wrapped both of the toddler's
hands around his aching cock. He moved them up and down the stalk a few
times, saying, "Like this, see? Up and down. And squeeze, too." Brian
let go of the boy's hands and watched with lust as the toddler began
stroking his cock on his own. And doing a damn good job of it!

Brian looked down at his lap and watched while the boy's hands
pumped away on his erection. He could see the boy's tiny hard-on peeking
out below his belly. Still hard.
But Brtian wanted more. Something more.

He stopped the boy's hands. He pulled them off of his cock, sorry
to see them go, but he had other plans. He held his cock down and
pointed it at the boy's face. He bent the boy forwards and showed him
the tip of his cock. He pressed the tip of his cock against the boy's
lips and said, "Now, just do what I did to you," and the boy opened his
mouth and Brian slipped the head of his cock inside the toddler's mouth.

It felt like a blast furnace. Hot and wet, he could feel the litle
boy's tongue try and lick all around his cockhead. But he couldn't do
such a good job of it. But he tried. Brian reached down with one of his
hands and found the boy's erection. He grasped it and began stroking it
back and forth. With his other hand he pushed up the boy's t-shirt and
bared his naked chest.

Brian fondled the toddler's nipples, made fleshier by his
chubbiness, and felt the boy's nipples grow into hard spikes. With Brian
playing with the little tyke's nipples and penis, the stimulation caused
the toddler to work harder at licking and sucking the adult cockhead in
his tiny mouth.

Brian really wanted to get off but he wanted the little toddler boy
to get his jollies first. So he pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth
and lifted him back up onto the chaise lounge. He scooted backwards on
the chair and carried the toddler with him. Brian lay back against the
upper part of the chaise lounge and lay the boy on his chest. The boy's
pants and underwear were still around his legs. His sneakers were still
on. His t-shirt was now up around his neck. For all intents and
purposes, he was naked. His little erect penis pressed into Brian's

Brian swirled his tongue around the boy's nipple, sucking it into
his mouth. Then he sucked on the other one. He kissed his way down the
boy's chest, to his chubby belly, then to his hairless groin. The
toddler was straddling Brian's face now. Brian once again engulfed all
of the boy's penis in his mouth.

Brian's head moved back and forth as he licked and sucked the
little boy's erection. He squeezed his chubby ass cheeks and used them
to push and pull the boy's crotch in and out of his face. Faster and
faster Brian sucked on the boy's pee-pee. His hard pee-pee. His little
erection. He kept going until he could feel the boy's buttocks clench in
his hands and actually felt his tiny boy penis quiver in his mouth and
against his tongue and lips and he knew the toddler was coming!

The boy stiffened and then relaxed. As Brian kept on licking the
boy's penis the boy grunted and pulled his little hard-on from Brian's
mouth himself. Obviously it felt too tender now.
He watched as the toddler's penis softened and shrank back down to about
an inch long again. He was limp, but Brian was still hard.

Brian sat the toddler in his lap in front of his raging erection.
The boy stared at it, almost in wonder. He reached out his small hands
again as if to wrap them around Brian's erection but he stopped him,
saying, "I've got a better idea! You just sit there and watch."

As the little cute chubby toddler boy sat there watching, Brian
began fisting his cock, stroking it, masturbating it in front of the
boy. The boy watched curiously, watched as Brian's' fist flew up and
down his meaty pole. Watched intently as he jerked and stroked and
pumped his meat.

As he neared his climax, Brian said to the toddler, "Okay, my boy,
here it comes! My cock's gonna give you some nice hot cream! Oh yeah,
boy, I'm gonna shoot my hot cream all over your cute little face! Do you
want me to cream your face, little boy? Do ya?" The boy nodded yes, as
if he understood what was going to happen. It didn't matter. Brian
wanted to come right over the cute little boys face.

He stroked his cock harder and faster and was soon ready to come.
He aimed his cock at the toddler's face and said, "Oh, here it comes,
boy! All for you! All for you, boy! All over you!"

And Brian's cock erupted, spraying the toddler boy's face with his
white, hot jizz. Spurt after spurt flew from the tip of his cock and
landed on the boy's face. His lips, his cheeks, his nose, his chin. The
boy used his tongue to lick some of the come off of his lips. This
caused Brian to come even more, spraying more come over the boy's face.

When he was done coming, Brian collapsed. He was drained. He had
never come so hard in his life. The boy sat there with Brian's come
dripping from his face. He looked almost comical, but he also looked
hot to Brian.

Brian took off the boy's t-shirt and used it to wipe his face off.
Once cleaned up, the boy smiled happily at Brian. He climbed off of the
chaise lounge and pulled up his underpants and his track pants. He took
his wet t-shirt from Brian's hand and carried it with him as he began
walking back to wherever it was he came from. Brian watched him
disappear around the corner of the motel and then he was gone.

Brian sighed and closed his eyes. He wondered if any minute now
angry parents were going to come and beat the shit out of him. Or worse,
call the cops. But nothing happened. No one came. He seemed to be safe.

Brian pulled up his swim trunks and relaxed. Not a bad ending to a
crappy day. Not bad at all.

Just then he heard a noise. This was it! They were here for him! He
opened his eyes but instead of cops and angry parents with baseball bats
he saw a little figure standing there looking at him.

2 years old, 3 at the most. She was a gorgeous little creature.
Blond hair, blue eyes. A tiny 2-piece swimsuit. Barely covering anything
vital on her. She eyed him curiously.

She smiled.

"Wanna have some fun?" he asked her.

She nodded yes.

The End

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di yata maganda mga ganitong story sa pinoy spy. hindi sa ayaw ko sa storyang bading. nirerespeto ko ang kanilang sexual preference. pero ang ganito ay parang lihis sa panlasa ng mga tunay, batikan, at maginoong malilibog.peace! i just have to say my piece. Sa mga sumasang-ayon na panatilihing maayos ang PS, magkomento rin kayo. kinailangan kong gumamit ng bagong alias para lamang makapagsalita. pasensya ka na. pasensya sa lahat. hindi nakaka-enjoy di ba?

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hindi sapat ang note sa itaas ng istorya. done in bad taste talaga.

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Sangayon ako sa comments dito. Pansin ko lang meron pang bumoto, sana hindi na lang bumoto. Anyways to you sis PenPerversions I just want to tell you from a females point of view kase baka isipin mo pinagkakaisahan ka kase babae ka. Sa akin lang eh sana pumili ka na ng ibang storya na ipost dito from I have read this before sa site nila and its ok kase po puro americano sila duon and ibang iba ang pananaw nila duon kesa dito sa PS. I hope you wont be hurt on my comment. Puwede bang i-delete mo na lang itong post mo, please. Thank you and again more power. Girl power!!! PINAY.BIG.SISTER.SiZeDoEsMaTtEr

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d ata maxadong maganda

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