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With regards to "virgin-bleeding" topic, for the guys out there, the best sign is really the tightness of the girl, and not so much on bleeding. That's one [only] of the signs, depending upon your size and the manner of fucking.

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Just joining the virgin/blood bandwagon.

My wife felt pain during our honeymoon. There was a bit of blood mixed in with my cum on the tip of my dick. No bloody murder-scene sheets.

On the other hand, a female friend of mine mentioned that her first time was not only painful but extremely bloody.

So, it depends on the woman, I guess.

Just like fellatio, Danelle.

On Fucking With Virgins

In fairness to that guy mentioned in one of the blogs here which also posted a certain "mythical" notion about fucking a virgin - bleeding or not. I will share my own experience, because theories are there, scientific or mythical, but one's experience would attest to the fact. Here it is.

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True Intellectual

To persevere is to will; he who does not persevere does not will, he only plans. He who lets go has never really held; he who ceases to love has never loved. Our destiny is one; a work which is a part of it is still more necessarily one. The true intellectual is by definition a man who perseveres. He takes on himself the task of learning and teaching; he loves truth with his whole being; he is consecrated to his work; he does not give it up prematurely.

---The Intellectual Life---

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Ardor and Patience

When you feel yourself defenseless, overcome; when the road stretches out before you interminably, or when, having no doubt mistaken your direction, you have the impression of being lost, completely astray, wrapped in a thick fog, then is the time to draw on stores of energy held in reserve. Persist, stand up to the difficulty, be patient in the great sense of the word, which calls up the Passion of the Master. Ardor is easier than patience but both are necessary and success is the reward of their combination.

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Biot said:

"There is nothing so easy as what was discovered yesterday, nor so difficult as what will be discovered tomorrow."

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"Virginal" bleeding

May nabasa akong comment sa isang story the other day. The story is about a girl's flirty first time with sex.

Tapos this user commented na bakit daw hindi dinugo. Kesyo hindi daw ganun ang tipo ng karanasan ng "tunay" na virgin. Kesyo dapat noong cunnilungus part ay dapat nalasahan ng guy yung dugo, etc, etc.

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Flashback Friday playlist: Discoing to welcome the weekend

My mind and body is just catching up on sleep. My sissy Alekz is travelling on a bus with a basement (no windows). My sissy CC may still be on a warpath because of the people pissing her off (both online and offline). My sissy Amber is prolly busy with work, while my main man RVP is stuck to his ears in guano from his bat cave. JB and Dusty may still be picking on me (which I love when they do so! Muwahugs!).

But hey, people! The friggin' weekend is here! Hurrahh!!!


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For Amber

Just in case you come back online and I'm gone. Since the site no longer caters to private offline messages, I'll say adieu and good night here. I would love to stay up and chat or write but 4 hours of sitting on my butt on a bus with no view is taking its toll on me. And I have to wake up early for a dentist appointment. Thanks for listening to me, sweet, even if I sourgraped and whined almost the entire time. :) Just yell if you're about to get sick of my unreasonable drama. Hahaha!

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Your Top 3 story

Hello guys!

Hinge lang sana ako ng favor, ask ko po kayo if anong mga story ang pinaka favorite nyo so far dito sa PSE. Just pick 3 stories the rank it from 1-3. 1 being the best.

Asahan ko po na magcoment kau dito. Tnx