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for married man and woman: intimate friends relationship,are you in or out?

Here is a situation of pa married woman. She's used to talking to different people in the cyber world. They say women are vulnerable to falling for someone especially if she felt the kind of treatment that she's longing for. Then one day the woman found this guy..he's single and he's of the good things this guy possess is being flexible to any kind of conversation. The continuous conversation between the two went on for days and months.. until one day she realized she's starting to nourish her growing feelings for the guy.


been here for some time and become busy lately maybe in a few days ill share new stories again here

The Foreplay 3

The mounting passions and tensions in a wife at this stage can be likened to pushing a cart uphill. As one gradually approached the top, the peak seems to become steeper; then with a final thrust, the cart can be pushed over the top. Just as one would never stop the cart on the uphill side, so a thoughtful husband will not suspend his motion in the midst of their foreplay. If he does, her emotional cart will immediately descend and he will have to regain the emotional loss.

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The Foreplay 2

The vigor with which the husband massages this vital area should be determined by the wife. Some prefer it slow and easy, while others enjoy vigorous motion. Some wives like to vary the motion within one lovemaking experience; others may choose to modify it according to their mood. Most important, the husband should be extremely gentle and sensitive to his wife's needs at this point.

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The foreplay [The Art Of Lovemaking - Sequel]

On first arousal the husband will be able to feel the clitoris his fingers, but his wife will go through several physiological changes as her excitement mounts. Her heart will palpitate, her skin become warm, and almost every part of her body becomes sensitie to the touch. Her breathing will be more rapid, her face may grimace as if in pain, and she may groan audibly - and her husband finds this all very exhilarating.

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Love Confession

Gusto ko langpo ilagay dito ang aking nararamdaman... Parang pagpapaalam para sa isang closure sa nararamdaman.

The Art Of Lovemaking 5

Generally a thoughtful husband may gently massage his wife's neck, shoulders, and breasts to arouse her until blood rushes to the nipples and they become firm and erect, though care should be taken not to irritate the nipples by too vigorous action. Any tender fondling and kissing on the upper body will help to arouse her. Gradually the husband should move his hands gently down his wife's body until he contacts the vulva region, mindful to keep his fingernails smoothly filed to avoid producing any discomfort (which could cause her heating emotions to become suddenly chilled).

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The Art Of Lovemaking 4

How long the couple should spend in foreplay may vary with each couple's need, depending somewhat on their temperaments and cultural background. But it is never wise to be in a hurry. A modest, inexperienced bride may require thirty or more minutes in preparation for lovemaking. After she becomes more experienced, the preparatory time may be reduced to ten or fifteen minutes; occasional exceptions during her emotional cycle when she is particularly amorous may reduce the time even further.

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The Art Of Lovemaking 3

When intercourse is an expression of love, it can be enjoyable even when one or both partners do not experience an orgasm. The tenderness and intimate relationship may prove to give sufficient satisfaction in themselves. Naturally one must expect intense stimulation ultimately to culminate in orgasm for both, but that goal is not usually achieved immediately. Such a rewarding skill is learned after study, experimentation, and open communication between husband and wife.

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