Bading ako :)

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Iloilo City PSE Member

Meron ba dito mga nasa Iloilo City or near provinces and area na member ng PSE,


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Tarlac Cìty

Any girlz po na taga Tarlac d2:vincent 23 male panìqui tarlac:vìrgin pa po age po kht 18 - 40 yrs 0ld po ok ako just c0mment lng at magki2ta po tay0: tnx

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hot muntilupa girl check this

share this a very hot woman. From muntinlupa city. Mahilig sa 3some e2 fb acct. Nya


We'll be checking in again in Bayview Park Hotel for a hot one night date rehearsing for our future honeymoon. :)

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Random Sept

First of all, Happy 1st of September Everyone! :)

Boredom. It sucks quite a tad bit. I feel like walking in a huge terrain of nothingness. LOL Forgive me for being such a drama queen. :p

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My new dentist

I promise myself never to make any blogs but it seems I'm going to break my promise.

Early morning one of my molars broke its crown, fearing that a tooth ache would be next. I have no choice but to go to our family dentist.

Its almost 3 years since the last time went to their clinic and as much as a hate to admit, I hate going to the dentist.

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Knowing when to stop

It was told that this old Italian guy, wants to confess to the local priest. He's getting on in age and wants to make it right with God. So, he tells the priest, "Father, back in the war there was this beautiful woman that came to my house and asked me to protect her from the Nazis, so I hid her up in my attic."

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Walking in the Clouds

The last time we fucked with my beloved Orgasmic_Beauty, it's like walking in the clouds. The light feeling, the intense energy, the contracted muscles - I've felt like floating in the air. And of course, the most beautiful part for me is when I slowly push my manhood inside her tight and wet womanhood and then do the rhythm of "in" and "out" movement as we kiss tenderly and caress each other. Oh, I simply forget everything at the moment and only think of her.

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Im looking for a hot and wild fubu.ung from laguna much better po.just pm me.tnx