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No. of Views

Request ko lang po sana sa site admin.. Sana po magkaroon na ng no. of views ang isang story post para aware po ang viewers/readers kung hit ba ang story na un. Sana po mabasa nyo itong blog ko. Tnx po.

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i am getting weird emails..yes..i am 41 years old..yes, i am single..but NO, i am not desperate..NO, i am not worried that am really going to be spinster lol..and NO am not sex guys are GGRRRRRR na.

Dealing With A Real Challenge

My secretary [well, we've been fucking before] looked so attractive last night. Since it's raining, she asked me a favor, to drive her home. She's wearing a mini-skirt and a white loosened semi-blouse shirt [I don't know how to call it]. Of course, because she's quite comfortable sitting beside me, her "wow-hot-legs" caught my two big eyes, and glancing at her sometimes, her cleavage, not only, pati na ang suso - dumudungaw, parang inaanyayahan ako to visit the old home base. Hahaha. I was so hard, imagining to do such thing which my secretary would never say no.

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Office Trip

A certain agent approached me while ago, well, inviting me for a night out: I asked, how about your husband? And without hesitation she said, "I want your company, not him."

Is it that easy these days?

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This I think is Constructive Criticism


This may or may not sound constructive to some, depends on your point of view. Something written by a friend, I just wanna share it with you.

Or, the issue of informal settlers from the kolehiyala’s point of view..

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Puso: Selos 'yan!

Utak: Anong selos? Bakit, girlfriend mo ba siya?

Puso: Kahit na! Siya kaya ang ka-loveteam mo sa love story na ikaw lang ang nakakaalam.

Utak: Move on ka na dude!

~halaw mula sa kuwento ni Ryan (Para sa Hopeless Romantic ni Marcelo Santos III)


This conversation sounds so familiar, di ba, Amber?

*glass shatters*

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Too Much Of A Good Thing

I'm at home on vacation. While I was at work in the Middle East, I was deprived of pork and beer.

I pigged-out on both as soon as I arrived here.

I'm getting a headache and a beer-belly.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, but you can't help but indulge after being deprived of these simple pleasures for months.

Mind Works

The soul is equal in all men; the Spirit breathes in all; what differs, besides degrees of courage, is the brain-structure, with its elements more or less free and active, more or less trammelled; now we know that with our earthly and heavenly helps, we can overcome many deficiencies. The light can trickle in through cracks that our effort widens; when it is there, of itself it extends and intensifies its sway.

---The Intellectual Life---

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Present Experience

With regards to "virgin-bleeding" topic, for the guys out there, the best sign is really the tightness of the girl, and not so much on bleeding. That's one [only] of the signs, depending upon your size and the manner of fucking.

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Just joining the virgin/blood bandwagon.

My wife felt pain during our honeymoon. There was a bit of blood mixed in with my cum on the tip of my dick. No bloody murder-scene sheets.

On the other hand, a female friend of mine mentioned that her first time was not only painful but extremely bloody.

So, it depends on the woman, I guess.

Just like fellatio, Danelle.