ano pinaka magandang Sex Stories na nabasa mo?

ano pinaka magandang Sex Stories na nabasa mo?share nyo nmn..ung maganda ung .Stranger,Oldy,Bored Wife,Incest.


I've noticed that the deeper I penetrate Miss Orgasmic_Beauty the greater the pleasure our fucking gives. So much the same with our relationship, the deeper we know each other the greater we desire to be with one another. I call it the "bond of love."

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Greatness in bed is not measured by the number of orgasms the girl has but by her constant desire to have it again and again with YOU. :)

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Sino ba talaga?

Sino po ba talaga ang mas malibog pagdating sa sex, GIRL o BOY? At bakit po?

Tightness And Wetness

The tightness and wetness of my beloved Orgasmic_Beauty never fails to amaze me. How beautiful and exciting it is to penetrate her.

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bakit ang lakas ng pantasya ko makantot misis ko ng iba?

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Hey, you...

Hey, you...

You look so becoming there on my bed, lying on top of the sheets...

So welcoming...

So inviting...


I know it's been a while. Travelling is exhausting. But no worries now, my darling. I am here. I am home.

I know you long for my warm embrace. I am dying to wrap your firm body in my arms as well.

But patience, my dear.

Body Heat

Inching closer
breaths almost touching
getting heavier by the minute

She bats her eyes at me
like fishhooks,
I am reeled.

Chin raised,
searching, waiting.
A killer anticipation
until the time of impact.

Vessels of blood and lust
in a singularity of movement
and a plethora
of bursting emotions.

Everything is shed,
one piece after another

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newbie here

hi newbie here... looking for some girl buddy/friends... pm me or shoot me a message... if u have ym, skype or fb please do let me know so that i can add u up...

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