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Naughty In The Bedroom

Share your naughty act, you have done in the bedroom with your partner?

Good to be back!!!!!!

Musta PSE???!!!!!!!! Hehehehe DAKZ is now signing ON!!!


I don't know how else to put it, but I really get 'bitin' everytime I'd get into a conversation with that person. I don't want to get pushy or demanding because we're just talking and things are clear between the two of us. Pero, nabibitin talaga ako.

The mental stimulation is quite intoxicating. And you don't always find a stranger who would be at the same wave length (it seems) as you and even resonate with your sexuality. Damn, it'd probably difficult to resist fucking him. But I'm standing my ground.

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sop w/ her urgent

Need Now . Horny guys pm your no. Now na . Gsto ko lng marinig in action girl ko

the thin line

Maybe there's a fine line between boredom and wanting to have an adventure. I'm not sure which one I'm feeling right now and I'm not sure what to do. I'm getting bored with getting bored. Opportunities for adventure have presented themselves but I'm not sure what to do with them.

open minded people

,maniniwala b kayo na may mga tao pa rn na ngpupunta dto para lang masatisfy ung curiosity,i mean in a way na,they still dont have sexual encounter?

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Sana may mga author pa dito na nagsusulat about incest. Or older men with younger girls. :)

A "hand" in need :)

Hey ya'll..

I once had this relationship with someone but only on phone..
and you know what we do?


Who can claim that they can give me the best phone sex ever??

Call me on my cell ;)


Talk to ya'll horny m*fuckers soon!


hello everyone.. matagal na ako nagbabasa dito, ngaun lang ako nag-log in.. sana may makilala ako dito na bagong kaibigan.. fulfill ko mga fantasy ko..

im 28, manila area. Self Employed. :)


Buti pa dto mrami akong nkkusap, d gya sa iba prng invisible ka lng ..